Through theoretical and practical training sessions for personnel involved in maintenance and lubrication, supported by audiovisual media and technical information brochures, we seek to achieve significant improvements in existing lubrication practices and, based on these, to establish actions that allow better Use of lubricants and greater protection of equipment.

In each day of training, an active-participatory methodology is used, this allows a greater dynamism and a better success in learning. Topics covered from basic principles of lubrication, to topics oriented to specific equipment based on specific needs of our customers.


Increasing production demands involve operational, budgetary and maintenance challenges, which we can achieve with the successful implementation of valuable condition-based maintenance tools, such as the Used Oil Analysis, which allow us to improve the reliability of the equipment, reduce Maintenance costs and increase the useful life of them.

Our highly trained Sales and Technical Support team provides advice from the implementation of a used oil analysis program to the upgrade, administration and / or improvement of the existing oil analysis program. Our experts in lubrication and interpretation of oil analysis results accompany the users of the program in the follow up to their equipment, through recommendations of actions to be taken and studies of trends.

Districandelaria offers its customers this service through exclusive Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis program, which takes oil analysis one step further. Mobil Serv offers its users a world-class oil analysis, faster and more reliable.

Learn more about Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis here:


The lubricant is the blood of the equipment, and as such it is vitally important to find the best products for the lubrication of the company. At Districandaleria, our Sales and Technical Support team is trained to offer you the best advice in the selection and application of your lubricant products. In addition, we provide specialized services such as lifting equipment for the construction of lubrication charts, lubrication audits, and equipment inspections, among other activities aimed at achieving benefits in:

  • Maintenance costs
  • Reliability of equipment
  • Equipment life
  • Security
  • Environmental impact


The MantenApp online maintenance platform allows you to manage your equipment maintenance program 24/7 from anywhere. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to quickly access your equipment information, review, create or update maintenance plans, and generate and verify compliance with work orders. In addition, MantenApp offers different levels of user, and essential data with which you can monitor the KPIs of your maintenance program.


As a complement to our offer of excellent quality and performance Mobil lubricants and specialized consulting services, we offer the possibility of integrating oil analysis with other predictive maintenance strategies through:

  • Thermography
  • Videoscopia
  • Field oil analysis